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Lunedì 21 marzo 2016 ore 09:00
Pubblicato: Domenica 28 febbraio 2016

FastData: An open symposium on beyond Big Data challenges for researcher, industrial stakeholders, students, practitioners, …

As planet evolves, an increasingly connected ecosystem of heterogeneous devices produces more volumes and variety of digital data. They range from devices-in-the-fog to insanely complicated machineries looking with ever increasing precision to “the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything”.
To keep up with the pace, very large volumes of dynamically changing data ought to be processed, synthesised, and eventually turned into knowledge. High-velocity data brings high value, especially to volatile business processes, mission-critical tasks and scientific grand challenges. Some of this data loses its operational value in a short time frame, some other is simply too much to be stored.
Ultimately, any forecast on tomorrow must arrive by tomorrow.

This is the ground where the data science meets high-performance computing.

Both disciplines have undergone impressive change over recent years. On the one hand, the astonishing availability of digital data has boost methods to automatically extract knowledge or insights from it.
On the other hand, new architectures and the ubiquitous nature of data promoted parallel and distributed techniques to mainstream. In order to turn fast data into innovation, it is of paramount importance to jointly review and assess new developments and recent research achievements with both academic community and industry.
FastData@UNITO will provide an open, freely accessible forum for the presentation of these and other issues through scientific talks and will facilitate the exchange of knowledge and new ideas at the highest technical level among researchers, graduate students and industrial stakeholders.

Program and Speakers

For more detailed informations about the FastData program and speakers, please see the Alpha Group webpage.

Involved Companies

  • Concept Reply
  • Ernst&Young
  • IBM
  • INFN Torino
  • Isi Torino
  • Italtel
  • List SpA
  • Noesis Solutions
  • NVidia
  • Oracle Labs
  • RAI – CRIT
  • Selex ES


Participation is free of charge – registration is required

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