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InterLex - Advisory and Training system for Internet-related Private International Law

Progetti internazionali
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€ 190.857,95
10/09/2018 - 09/09/2020
Luigi Di Caro

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Descrizione del progetto

InterLex aims at developing a platform to provide information, decision support and training on private international law. It addresses the identification of the legal system having jurisdiction and of the national law to be applied to a case, as well as the retrieval of relevant legal materials.
The platform will deliver:
A) a free of charge information and decision support service directed to legal professionals (lawyers, magistrates, and public servants), but also accessible to law students and citizens, and
B) training module for legal professionals and law students.
The Interlex platform includes three modules: The Decision Support Module (DSM), the Find Law Module (FLM )and the Training Module (TM). The DSM is an interactive expert module that offers users a guided tour, according the relevant rules of legislation and case law, to determine jurisdiction and/or applicable law in a specific case with a “foreign” element. The “Jurisdiction” and “Applicable law” sub-modules determine the state whose courts have jurisdiction on and the state whose national law governs the case, respectively. The FLM supports the user in retrieving the legal information in a large collection of European, international and national legislation and case law in the area of private international law as well as commentaries of renowned experts, journal articles, guidelines, authorial notes and other theoretical and practical materials. The TM includes a set of training tools on private international law, to be used in taught courses as well as in self training of students and magistrates. It includes both the interactive visualisation/consultation of content and practical exercises.
It provides access to the DSM and to the FLM. Finally, it provides lecturers and tutors with the necessary functional tools and interactive environment for publishing and interlinking their own training materials, such as articles, comments, lectures, guidelines, answers to questions, sample tests, etc.


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